A Blink of Divinity

I went to the outdoor bowling courses in Leeds Hyde Park to read a book. After a while, I became so sleepy that my eyelids felt heavy. I decided to lie down on the grass hoping the feeling of tiredness would disappear so I could continue reading. The weather was warm and the sun often shone out of the clouds. The grass was soft enough to perfectly accommodate the curves of my body. I began to drift off and eventually fell asleep.

When I woke up, I felt unusually great. I felt relaxed, energized and even protected and taken care of. I felt that while I was asleep, I was as if taken on a comfy fluffy cloud high up in the sky and the sun gently caressed my face with its warm rays of sunshine. I felt as if I was a newborn child who had been held in Mother Nature’s affectionate hands.

Sleeping outside in the fresh air, under the generous sun and surrounded by soothing greenery was a glimpse of divinity for me.


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