My Best Tip on Writing Good Blog Posts

I’ve been blogging intermittently for the last 6 years and if had to offer my best tip on how to write good blog posts that people are likely to search for and read, I’d highly suggest writing articles that others could learn something from. A good post will always provide value by:

  • educating readers about an important subject.
  • informing readers about a significant event.
  • teaching readers how to do something.

I used to write a lot of personal blog posts which didn’t attract as much attention as my informative posts. Therefore, I wouldn’t recommend writing about personal experiences unless you clearly explain how they could benefit the reader.

To reiterate, write posts that could potentially help people and improve their life. Avoid writing about yourself as nobody would be interested in your personal life, apart from your family and close friends, unless you are a celebrity. Respect your readers for visiting your blog by providing them with valuable information.


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