What Color is Your Soul?

On page 103 of Journey of Souls by Michael Newton, a remarkable book about what happens to us as souls after we die, there is a very interesting chart describing the color that souls of various maturity emit during their transitional period in the spirit world. The first column (Learning Stage) relates to the maturity of a soul, the second column (Kinetic Color Range) relates to the color projected by different souls as reported by the author’s subjects, and the third column (Guide Status) related to a soul’s potential to serve others.

Classification Model for Soul Development Levels

Learning Stage Kinetic Color Range Guide Status
Level I: Beginner White (bright and homogenous) None
Level II: Lower Intermediate Off-white (reddish, turning into yellow) None
Level III: Intermediate Yellow (solid, no traces of white) None
Level IV: Upper Intermediate Dark Yellow (a deep gold turning into blue) Junior
Level V: Advanced Light Blue (no traces of yellow, turning into purple) Senior
Level VI: Highly Advanced Dark Bluish-Purple (surrounded by radiant light) Master

Are you surprised? I thought white would denote highly advanced souls, yellow to denote beginner souls, and light blue intermediate ones. Purple is usually associated with loyalty, and I was intrigued to hear it radiates from highly advanced souls, perhaps those souls are the closest and most loyal to God. What are your thoughts?

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“Journey of Souls” by Michael Newton, Book Review

This is an amazingly insightful book about the journey we go on as souls after physical death. Dr. Michael Newton is a private hypnotherapist who places his subjects in a state of superconsciousness and guides them to bring back vivid memories of their experiences in the spirit world.

Book Structure and Chapters

The book includes twenty-nine cases of people’s incredible recollections as souls, which the author has carefully selected from his forty-year-long career as a hypnotherapy practitioner. The case studies are arranged in such a thoughtful order it makes the book seem like a progressive travel log.

  • The 1st chapter, Death and Departure, reveals what it feels to die.
  • The 2nd chapter, Gateway to the Spirit World, talks about the well-known tunnel effect during a death experience.
  • The 3rd chapter, Homecoming, discusses who welcomes a newly arrived soul to the spirit world (personal guide, soulmate, close friend, etc.), how it feels, why it’s different for each soul, and more.
  • The 4th chapter, The Displaced Soul, talks about the souls who deny the fact their physical body is dead and resist coming back to the spirit world.
  • The 5th chapter, Orientation, reveals the healing process that takes place after a soul is greeted.
  • The 6th and 7th chapter are primarily related to the organisational structure of the spirit world and the way all souls are projected to their relevant destinations from a central port in the spirit world called “staging area”.
  • The 8th chapter is about the personal guides of souls.
  • The 9th, 10th and 11th chapter elaborate on the differences between beginner, intermediate and advanced souls.
  • The 12th, 13th, 14th and 15th chapter reveal the process of reincarnation as a whole. The souls go through the following stages, named as the actual chapters of the book: Life Selection, Choosing a New Body, Preparation for Embarkation, and Rebirth.

I really like Journey of Souls because:

  1. The book is written in a clear and understandable way. If there’s any terminology you may not be familiar with, the author will provide a definition.
  2. Author provides abridged but informative dialogue from his therapy sessions as evidence for his explanations about what happens to our souls immediately after death. The reader can also interpret the dialogue in their own way if unhappy with the author’s conclusions.
  3. I really like the fact the author has worked with numerous subjects and hence there’s variety in the case studies included. This gives readers an opportunity to compare how souls of different maturity levels experience the afterlife.

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